The exercise plugin is a core plugin of Tanzawa. It allows you to import your activity data from Strava. Once enabled there will be a button in the admin exercise dashboard (/a/exercise/) that will download the latest activities.

Strava Setup

Tanzawa requires API access in order to access your Strava data. This requires you to add an app in your Strava account settings.

Once created set the client id and client secret values in Tanzawa.

$ flyctl secrets set STRAVA_CLIENT_ID=your_client_id
$ flyctl secrets set STRAVA_CLIENT_SECRET=your_client_secret

Importing all activities

If you have more than 30 activities in Strava, they will need to be imported by running a command. This needs to be run after importing activities from the website once, so your Tanzawa has authorization to access your account.

$ flyctl ssh console
$ cd app
$ python apps/manage.py import_all_strava_activities