Themes allow you to customize the color scheme used by your website.

Theme location

Themes live in front/src/themes/. Each theme must be contained in its own directory.

Distribution files must be in front/src/themes/<themename>/static/<themename>/.

The distribution stylesheet must be named style.css and be at the root of the static directory i.e. front/src/themes/<themename>/static/<themename>/style.css

How to create a theme

Create a tailwind.config.js in your new theme directory.

To generate the appropriate styles, set the content value of your tailwind config as follows:

  content: [

Setup your theme and define the following colors:

  theme: {
    colors: {
      'white': '#ffffff',
      'black': '#000000',
      'transparent': 'transparent',
      'current': 'currentColor',
      'primary': {
        DEFAULT: '#dddddd',  // main background color
        '600': '#CCCCCC',  // button color
        '800': '#BFBFBF', // button border color
      'secondary': {
        DEFAULT: '#999CFC',  // selection underline / site name color 
        '600': '#97948f',  // footer/line between posts
        '800': '#7476d6',  
        '900': '#1a1c64',
    extend: {
      spacing: {
        '99': '45rem',
    variants: {
      extend: {},

Inside your style.css, in addition to the tailwind base classes, define the following classes:

@tailwind base;
@tailwind components;
@tailwind utilities;

.selected {
  @apply border-r-4  border-secondary;

.primary-button {
    @apply rounded bg-primary-600 border-primary-800 px-3 py-1 border;

Building your theme

Tanzawa themes require Tailwind 3.0. From your theme's root directory, run the following command to build your theme.

$ npx tailwindcss -i ./style.css -o ./static/<themename>/style.css

Add --watch at the end of the command during development of your theme to automatically recompile the theme as you make changes to the css.

Activating your theme

Activate your theme in the Django admin by visiting admin/settings/msitesettings/1/change/, selecting your theme from the dropdown, and saving.

Note in production usages of Tanzawa, you must start the django server and run manage.py collectstatic management command after uploading your theme to allow access to the new theme assets and styles.